Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Remove yourself" 12"x24"

"one day love will conquer all" 6"x12"

"man and nature" 24"x60"

"lust" 8"x10"

"konfusion" 18"x24"

"fallen angel" 16"x20"

"empty inside" 48"x48"

"untitled flower" 8"x10"

"perception of duality" 24"x48"

"the life we live" 24"x36"

"defying gravity" 30"x40"

"decension" 24"x36"

"untitled custom" 48"x48"

"jen" 8"x10"


  1. i really want "one day will conquer all" and "perception of duality". do you still have those for sale?

    by the way. glad you got the blog. how are you liking it?

  2. they are still for sale...its cool so far..still figuring things out...